March 1-7, 2019

Pico de Orizaba



RadGlobalAdventures, LLC is one of the premier climbing partners for Radiating Hope, an organization which aims to improve access to cancer care around the globe. The 2019 Pico de Orizaba trek is an opportunity to help raise awareness and funds for the organization by carrying prayer flags in honor of cancer patients to Pico de Orizaba. For each climber who registers for the trek, $150 is donated to Radiating Hope.

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Pico de Orizaba Hiking Tours

Star Mountain

As the highest mountain in Mexico and the third highest in North America, Pico de Orizaba is also know as Citlaltépetl, meaning "Star Mountain." Its snow-capped peak can be seen year round.




Why Us?

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Treatment of Our Staff

There are less expensive options for Pico de Orizaba hiking treks, however, this typically comes at a price that many travelers don't notice: poor working conditions and extremely low salaries for porters and guides. With RadGlobalAdventures, LLC, all of our staff receives full insurance and are well-equipped. We offer the best salary packages to our guides, porters, and other trekking staff. We also pay sustainable salaries and wages during the low season when no work is available. We also limit our porters to carry a maximum of 30 kilograms.

We pride ourselves in the best working conditions for the people who will be taking care of you on this wonderful adventure, This allows our staff to care for their own families and support the local economy.

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Comfort & Safety

Our philosophy is that highest levels of safety and comfort are not areas of compromise but our top priorities, both for our clients as well as our trekking crew staff. Our trekking leaders are pharmacy trained and have considerable knowledge on AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).

We believe health is wealth. Guides and porters are fully insured, and sufficient trekking gear is supplied by us. Emergency First Aid Kits are carried by trek leaders for health support for clients and trekking staff. We are constantly in communication with our trek leaders about weather issues which might influence trips.

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With over 20 years of trekking experience, each member of our team is highly skilled in remote treks, peak climbing, advanced expeditions, and culture & nature research.

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No Hidden Costs

Our prices are extremely competitive and our service top notch. We have included all of the information right here on our website about every expense, including visas, tipping, and even recommended spending cash. There are no hidden costs.

We have a good business relationship with domestic and international airlines, hotels, and resorts and are the sole agents for several treks and tours. We guarantee fair prices and top class unexpected services. We offer a transparent travel service, and no hidden costs will hit our clients during their trip.

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RadGlobalAdventures, LLC offers a one-stop travel solution and is proud to inform our valued clients that all types of travel service - including international air bookings, visa services for Peru - are available.

Apart from trekking, we are the sole agents for mountain climbing expeditions, white water rafting, wildlife safaris, cultural tours, and bird watching tours. If you are interested in any of these additional experiences for an added cost, let us know at

2017 Radiating Hope Everest Team


The Pico de Orizaba trek is an effort to raise money for Radiating Hope. These funds are used to build or upgrade cancer centers in developing countries. Specifically, we improve access to radiotherapy.

While we encourage our climbers to fundraise, it is not a requirement in order to join the trek. But for those climbers who fundraise $9,000 for Radiating Hope, the entire trip will be free (not including airfare or other “exclusions” listed elsewhere).

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