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RadGlobalAdventures, LLC is an international climbing, adventure, and trekking company with operations in Tanzania, Nepal, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Tibet, Europe, Alaska, and Utah. Our mission is to take ordinary people - many times with no prior climbing experience - on adventures of a lifetime! We support climbing for a cause and donate a portion of every climb to Radiating Hope, which aims to improve access to cancer services around the globe.

Climbing for Cancer
Radiating Hope
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From its colossal monuments and ancient ruins to its tranquil landscapes and exotic culture, Egypt offers adventure around every corner.



Why Us?

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Local Sustainability

Many cheaper trekking and climbing options are available online. Much of the time, the savings are derived from skimping on salaries to the guides, porters and cooking staff. RadGlobalAdventures, LLC offers a premium experience for our clients with top salary positions to each and every porter, guide and cook. We do not endorse or promote the practice (which is unfortunately quite common) of recruiting staff who will then only work for "tips." Our treks and climbs are highly desirable for local staff in every country of our operations for two reasons:

  1. We offer the best salaries in the business
  2. We always include our tips in all of our climbing prices. This benefits both the client and the guide. There is no pestering of clients for tips and there is a very generous tip included each and every time. This arrangement is best for everyone.
  3. All of our climbs support a good cause. We donate a portion of each and every climb to help support and sustain local cancer centers. We do this by donating to Radiating Hope and by supporting annual climbs for that nonprofit around the globe. However, it is important to note that RadGlobalAdventures, LLC is not the same thing as Radiating Hope. While we are frequently contracted by the nonprofit to coordinate climbs, RadGlobalAdventures, LLC is a for profit entity with a big heart that donates much of our proceeds to improve conditions for local climbing workers as well as access to cancer care around the globe.

We pride ourselves on our mission to provide a premium climbing experience for both the amateur and expert climber while offering the best employment opportunities possible for our staff.

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Comfort & Safety

Safety must never be compromised. An unfortunate trend in cheaper alternatives is to contract staff with little to no training in either guiding or even basic first aid. Our guides and porters carry emergency first aid kits and know how to use them. We are in constant communication with our guides during your climb to monitor weather and conditions. Our guides are trained in recognition of acute mountain sickness and are equipped to assist climbers or trekkers in and evacuation when needed. We only hire licensed and insured guides.

We also insist that each of our climbers/trekkers purchase travel insurance in case of unexpected illness, injury or need of rescue (we recommend TravelGuard).

Safety and comfort go hand in hand. When it comes to safety, you do not want to cut any corners. Our philosophy mirrors this when it comes to comfort. Whether it is waking up to tea in your tent or having a porter available to carry your backpack, we seek to add comfort to every adventure.

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RadGlobalAdventures, LLC hires the most experienced guides in every country where we operate.

No Hidden Costs.

We offer a top notch experience with no hidden costs. Many companies offer a cheaper price up front then hit you with requests for tips, airport pick-up or other ridiculous additional expenses. Our itineraries are always fully transparent with regards to costs. The best part is, every climb includes a donation for good. We donate to Radiating Hope to improve access to cancer care in the areas where we offer our adventures. In addition, you can always feel good that by choosing us, the staff making your climb possible (local porters and guides and cooks for example) are delighted to have a high-paying job in the best of conditions possible.

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No Hidden Costs

Our prices are extremely competitive and our service top notch. We have included all of the information right here on our website about every expense, including visas, tipping, and even recommended spending cash. There are no hidden costs.

We have a good business relationship with domestic and international airlines, hotels, and resorts and are the sole agents for several treks and tours. We guarantee fair prices and top class unexpected services. We offer a transparent travel service, and no hidden costs will hit our clients during their trip.

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RadGlobalAdventures, LLC is a one-stop travel solution. We offer optional excursions such as wildlife safaris, whitewater rafting, skydiving, paragliding, cultural tours and more! Just let us know how we can help or what you are interested in. Many times we are like Santa at Macy's and will point you to the right place to book your excursion if we do not offer it. We are happy to help make your experience meaningful and memorable in any way possible!

2017 Radiating Hope Everest Team

Climbing for a Cause

We donate a portion of every climb to the nonprofit Radiating Hope, an organization which aims to improve access to cancer care around the globe. We organize annual climbs for Radiating Hope in many locations. Joining a Radiating Hope team is an incredible experience for anyone who has been touched by or is passionate about cancer.

RadGlobalAdventures, LLC